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The Drew Carey Show Season 4 Episode 8

Drew must submit candidates for Winfred-Louder’s employee of the year, who will win a trip to Hawaii. A legitimate employee may win for the first time in history, as all of the Louders have (apparently) already received the award. Mimi tricks Drew into including her name on the list. She attends sobriety events with Mr. Wick in the hopes of getting his vote. Oswald receives another $10,000 by posing for the DrugCo calendar before his implants are removed. He decides to use the money from his “”man boobs”” to repay his debts to his friends. Drew’s car rolls down a hill and gets wrecked. Oswald and Kate decide that they should pool all of the money and buy Drew a VW Bug. Lewis doesn’t want to cooperate, but has no choice because Oswald hadn’t actually given him his money yet. Drew is touched, but elects to sell the car and use the money to help his friends. Kate, Lewis and Oswald take offense to his actions. Drew tries desperately to get the car back from Mimi. She will only ag

Serie: The Drew Carey Show


Episode Title: Drew's New Car

Air Date: 1998-11-11