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The Drew Carey Show Season 4 Episode 26

After her wedding plans don’t work out, Oswald’s mother moves back to Cleveland and decides to open a beauty salon. Kate gleefully quits her job as Mrs. Louder’s assistant after Mrs. Harvey offers her work at the salon. Mrs. Harvey needs someone to repair the roof of the salon, and Drew suggests Sharon. Sharon is unsure because she doesn’t have any experience with roofing, but Drew convinces her to take the job. Mrs. Harvey demands that Sharon re-do the job after the roof blows off in a storm, while Sharon insists that she isn’t responsible. Lewis and Oswald get into a spat after Lewis sides with Sharon. Lewis ends up moving out and staying inside a storage locker. Mrs. Harvey sues Sharon for the completion of the job. She later goes to see Drew, who mistakenly believes she is seducing him. Mrs. Harvey instead shows Drew a report that proves that Sharon screwed up; she didn’t realize that she needed special roofers’ nails. Drew, Lewis and Kate try to repair the roof on their

Episode Title: Up on the Roof

Air Date: 1999-05-19