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The Drew Carey Show Season 4 Episode 25

Steve and Sharon grow tired of Drew and Mimi’s constant sniping. They suggest that the foursome go on a double date in the hopes that Drew and Mimi might finally agree to a truce. They constantly insult each other, and Steve and Sharon leave angrily after Mimi sets Drew’s menu on fire. Mimi and Drew are left stranded, and have to walk to the bowling alley to call for rides. They decide to bowl while they wait, and end up hustling two doctors out of four-hundred dollars. Drew and Mimi agree to meet each night to continue their scam. They keep it a secret because they fear that Steve and Sharon would force them to go on more double dates if they knew they were getting along. Mimi gets in over her head when she accepts a two-thousand dollar bet from some men. It turns out that they are professional bowlers, hired by the doctors that Drew and Mimi beat in their first scam. Drew tries to flee, but Sharon and his friends show up before he can escape. Drew and Mimi compete very well

Serie: The Drew Carey Show


Episode Title: Do the Hustle

Air Date: 1999-05-12