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The Drew Carey Show Season 4 Episode 21

Drew is forced to lay off a slew of workers as Winfred-Louder suffers a financial decline. Drew agrees to let Steve stay at his place after he becomes a victim of the cutbacks. As the gang is helping Steve move in, Mimi comes over with another list of people for Drew to fire. She is impressed with the way Steve looks out of drag, and they flirt. They set up a date, but Steve suggests that they keep it a secret from Drew. Mimi is disappointed when she arrives to find that Steve is wearing a dress, as she assumed that he dressed as a man on dates. They decide to just hang out and be friends. They get along very well, and a shocked Drew comes home to spy them kissing. He keeps his discovery to himself as he tries to deal with it, but later accidentally sees Steve and Mimi having sex in the kitchen. Drew and Mimi bicker and put Steve in the middle of their argument. Mimi ends up storming out. Steve and Mimi both grow extremely depressed. Drew feels bad for Steve and realizes th

Serie: The Drew Carey Show


Episode Title: Steve and Mimi

Air Date: 1999-03-24