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The Drew Carey Show Season 4 Episode 2

Drew entertains a group of investors from Vietnam who are considering opening a store in Hanoi. They have drinks at the Airport Ramada Inn. When the house band goes on break, Drew and the guys fulfill the investors’ request for music by taking the stage for a song. The manager feels that they are better than the regular band and asks them to play for a week. Drew fears that this would be too much of a distraction and wants to focus on his new job. He changes his mind after a groupie hits on him in the parking lot. The guys audition guitar players, and hire a free-spirited guy named Ed. Kate becomes dissatisfied with her job and tries to get fired. Drew agrees to let her go, but promises to re-hire her if she can’t find a better job in a week. She doesn’t have any luck, but Drew backs out of the deal because he wants her to find the kind of happiness he now has with his band. Drew blows off a party at Mrs. Louder’s house, and later skips work to fool around with Darcy. The ho

Serie: The Drew Carey Show


Episode Title: In Ramada Da Vida

Air Date: 1998-09-30