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The Drew Carey Show Season 4 Episode 18

Drew has trouble getting another date with Tracy because Lewis and Oswald are keeping her booked. He meets one of Winfred-Louder’s catalog models, who complains that she and her model friends haven’t been invited to any parties while in Cleveland. Drew follows Kate’s suggestion by organizing a slumber party at his house for the models. Drew plans to sneak out for a date with Tracy during the party. Unfortunately, a blizzard keeps the models away and prevents Drew from going on the date. Lewis and Oswald learn of his plans and vow revenge. They suggest that the guys at the party learn swing dancing to impress the ladies, and proceed to injure Drew as many times as possible. They decide to set aside all rules or attempts to act gentlemanly as they pursue Tracy. Mimi holds a women in business seminar, where Kate sucks up to Mrs. Louder to get her job back. Steve also attends, explaining that the fact that he dresses as a woman means that he faces the same disadvantages as women i

Serie: The Drew Carey Show


Episode Title: Boy Party / Girl Party

Air Date: 1999-02-17