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The Drew Carey Show Season 4 Episode 17

Lewis meets a woman at a Babylon 5 convention and gets a date with her. Oswald gets a date with the same woman, Tracy, when he delivers a package to her house. It is an ice cream maker from Lewis, but Oswald doesn’t know this because Lewis wrote his name and address in an alien language from Babylon 5. Drew meets Tracy when she complains to him about the store’s reluctance to exchange the broken ice cream maker. He also gets a date with her. The guys are excited to have found possible girlfriends, and have no idea that they are dating the same woman. They seek advice from Kate on how to make a first date special. They follow her suggestions a little too literally and freak out Tracy by each following the same routine (paying everyone at the Warsaw to yell out his name when he enters, pulling out a pocket watch, and singing the Commodores’ “”Three Times a Lady””). The guys finally run into each other during Drew’s date and realize what has happened. Tracy is mortified. Drew late

Serie: The Drew Carey Show


Episode Title: Three Guys, a Girl and a B-Story

Air Date: 1999-02-10