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Property Brothers Season 7 Episode 4

After being apart for a decade, competitive twins Krista and Jennifer are sharing a cramped condo, and it’s slowly driving them crazy. Desperate for more space and eager to put down roots in a new neighbourhood, they’re pooling their resources and hoping to find a stylish downtown pad where they can entertain in style.

When they realize their wish list is way out of step with their budget, Property Brothers Jonathan and Drew convince the renovation-phobic sisters to take a calculated risk on a fixer-upper. Drew lines up a slew of tired homes with great bones, but getting Krista and Jennifer to see their potential proves challenging. Later, apart from uncovering a series of costly surprises, Jonathan’s major challenge during the reno is getting the sisters to agree on anything.

Episode Title: Squashing Sibling Rivalry by Going From Cramped to Spacious [Krista & Jennifer]

Air Date: 2015-01-28