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Packed to the Rafters Season 2 Episode 17

On her last day at work Julie quizzes psychic tea lady Bonnie about the troubling prediction she’d made months earlier. Bonnie still senses a divorce but now she’s sensing something more. It has to do with Julie’s husband Dave.

Julie is concerned that Chrissy seems to be avoiding her. Then Chrissy drops a bombshell. She says she’s leaving not just her job with Dave, but the state, for some new guy she’s met from Queensland. Julie is stunned and has a nagging doubt that Chrissy is not giving her the full story.

But when Julie reflects on Chrissy’s actions, she realises the confronting truth of the matter: there is only one man Chrissy would not confide in her about – and that is Dave. Has Chrissy fallen in love with her best friend’s husband?

Rachel spies Sammy having lunch with her ex Owen, and becomes concerned. She enlists Jake to help persuade Sammy to attend his club’s fundraiser day, figuring she can ask Nathan as well. Will her plan to get the warring pair back together work?

Episode Title: Putting the House in Order

Air Date: 2009-10-20