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Packed to the Rafters Season 2 Episode 15

Dave is determined to give Ben and Melissa the engagement party that he and Julie never had. But his focus is sidetracked by the accidental discovery that Chel’s increasingly regular hospital visits are in fact to the Renal Ward. Melissa surmises that Chel’s kidneys might be failing after more than 20 years on HIV medication. Dave confides in Julie his willingness to be tested as a potential donor.

Melissa is disappointed when her mother calls, explaining that has father has an important board meeting and can’t make the party. However, when Dermott, Melissa’s older, womanising brother arrives, he breaks the news that Melissa’s father had no such meeting. Her dad cynically believes she will once more get cold feet and that the wedding will never happen.

Melissa is crushed. Seeing her devastation, Ben tells Dave she might not be attending the party. A stand-off ensues. Ben accuses Dave of being more concerned with his own party agenda than with what he and Melissa might want. Melissa finally breaks the impasse and agrees to go.

However, at the party, Dave is unable to resist telling Chel about his decision to test as a donor. He think she will be delighted but she disappears from the party…and their lives, without leaving any contact details.

Nathan is nervous when he hears Steve Wilson is returning from overseas to attend the engagement party. Having slept with Layla, Nathan is terrified that Steve, and more importantly, Sammy could find out.

Episode Title: It's My Party

Air Date: 2009-10-06