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Packed to the Rafters Season 2 Episode 14

The Rafters throw a surprise party for Chel, who’s shocked and delighted as the family yells ‘surprise.’ She is swept up in the family history and moved by the love shown to her. But clouds are gathering.

Rachel and Ted notice worrying marks on Chel’s arm. Are they damage veins? Or trackmarks? Rachel takes the news to Dave and Julie, who debate the causes. Surely Chel can’t be a junkie? But they admit they don’t know herwell. Dave confronts Chel, who reacts badly to the interrogations. Eventually she reveals the shocking truth.

Julie reacts the most strongly to the news. She doesn’t want Chel in her house any more. This puts her at odds with everyone, especially Dave and Rachel.

Nathan is stricken with guilt over his fling with Layla and manages to lose his wedding ring during the birthday barbecue. He searches for it desperately and lies to Sammy about it.

Next door, Ben and Melissa are stricken with food poisoning. Their marathon bout of vomiting brings them even closer together. But will it end in Melissa finally accepting Ben’s marriage proposal?

Carbo works hard to fan the flames of his relationship with Artie. But he strikes out. Arties decides her mother has orchestrated the whole thing with Carbo, and, in an act of defiance, agrees to go out with Gavin a shy country singer from the Boat Club.

Episode Title: First Instinct

Air Date: 2009-09-29