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Packed to the Rafters Season 2 Episode 13

A shame-faced Nathan wakes up from an erotic dream initially about Sammy who then turns into Layla.

Sammy’s father Tony is facing the first hearing of his trial tomorrow, and she has to go along as moral support for her mother Trish. She’s given a boost when Nathan insists he’ll take the day off work and accompany her– a seemingly generous act, although he’s really doing it as much to avoid Layla after their cocaine-fuelled kiss as to help his wife.

After the first hearing, Nathan is called back to work, where Layla notices his fixation on her – so she subtly strokes the flames. This leads to Nathan having another erotic dream – and when he guiltily ‘takes care’ of his urge in the bathroom, Sammy catches him out. Having previously refused sex with her, Sammy is understandably concerned.

Nathan waves off her worries, determined to keep himself under control – until Layla makes a brazen suggestion. She knows he’s interested, his work is being affected – so why not sleep together? Nathan is shocked. What will he do now his fantasy has the chance to become reality?

Over at the Karandonis house, Artie is preparing for her first day of work at the boat club with Ben. Carbo, who’s aware of his romantic feelings for her, is happy with her choice of job – after all, how much trouble can she get into under the watchful eye of Ben? But he hasn’t met her co-worker Lexi, a cheeky young trouble maker, yet. The pair strike up a friendship and it isn’t long before Lexi leads Artie astray much to Carbo’s dismay.

Chrissy finds herself having a surprising and unwelcome fantasy of her own… about Dave. And an unexpected romance blossoms between Warney and Trish.

Episode Title: Blurring the Lines

Air Date: 2009-09-22