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Love Island Australia Season 1 Episode 6

After Eden’s poetry reading last week, it seems Josh too has become inspired – treating us to the kind of gems Yeats would be jealous of. Calling himself the ‘poetry killa’ he lets us know he feels ‘fresher than a newly washed piece of corn’ and the romance is almost too much to take.

Josh trots outside to try some more fresh rhymes on Tayla, the current focus of his attention, after Kim made it pretty darn clear she has 0% interest in him. Tayla and Josh have a solid D&M about the length of her leg hair, after which she tells him not to hold her hand – so naturally he tries to hold her hand. He’s really working hard to hold the title of most oblivious man in the house (currently held by Justin).

Episode Title: Tayla Loses Her Mind

Air Date: 2018-06-03